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Best in-flight safety videos ever

Air New Zealand is trying to position its company as a “high-energy airline” and in doing so feature below in-flight safety video before take off. The video shows Richard Simmons together with attractive, diverse, impeccably groomed flight attendants.  The spot was produced by by .99, Air New Zealand’s chief creative agency.

Below you find Virgin’s take on making an amusing in-flight video. The video has a MTV feel to it.

Rainforest in Costa Rica by Ski-lift

Like all Central American countries, Costa Rica is considered part of a biodiversity hotspot. According to the INBio, about 4.5% of the world’s biodiversity can be found in Costa Rica. The country is noted for its national park system, administered by SINAC (Sistema Nacional de Areas de Conservacion, or “National System of Conservation Areas”). This agency oversees the 26 national park, and more than 160 protected areas in Costa Rica. The other types of protected areas in Costa Rica are National Wildlife Refuges, Biological Reserves, Protection Zones, and Absolute Nature Reserves. Together the protected areas comprise over one-fourth of Costa Rican territory.

When I was in Costa Rica I found my way into one of these protected Rainforests. I was very excited prior to this nature hike and loaded up with plenty of water, sturdy walking shoes and a mindset that it would be rough walking in very hot weather. The Rainforest package cost 55 dollars.

When the bus stopped at the reserve in Jaco on the east coast of Costa Rica I got very, very disappointed. The hike turned out to be a Ski-lift system for one hour, a short paved walk among plants for 30 minutes and a souvenir shop.

Beach in Jaco and Claritas Hotel

One of the better beaches for surfing and relaxing in Costa Rica is Jaco Beach. Below you find a short video showing the beach and one of the more charismatic hotels, Claritas. Claritas is well known as its both on the cheaper side (60 US dollars per room) and a local hang out for both Johns and their paid women.

Jacó is a coastal city, in the county of Garabito in Costa Rica’s Puntarenas province. Located in the Central Pacific Region, on the pacific coast of Costa Rica. Jacó is approximately one hour by car from San José and one hour North of Manuel Antonio National Park. Jaco has a population of apx. 10,000 residents.

Wicked Camper review

One of the more popular campers to hire in Australia is the Wicked Camper from the company Wicked. We spent one month in one of these beauties and had a great time travelling from Arlie Beach in Queensland to Sydney. Below you find our review. If you want to read more about different camper companies in Australia we have summarised some information in this article.

I hate the way I sound when I speak English but here goes.

Surfing a Tsunami wave

The dude in this video must be mental. The wave is so huge that if he would fall then death is not a maybe, it is certain.  If I ever would be handed the opportunity to head into a wave this big I would want a billion dollars wired to my bank account before attempting to ride a mtf like this.