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Dreamliner left stranded

As Boeing works to regain permission for its 787 Dreamliner to resume flights, the company faces what could be a costly new challenge: a temporary ban on some of the long-distance, trans-ocean journeys that the jet was intended to fly.


Aviation experts and government officials say the Federal Aviation Administration may shorten the permitted flying time of the 787 on certain routes when it approves a revamped battery system. The plane was grounded worldwide two months ago after lithium-ion batteries overheated on two separate aircraft.

World’s best airport

Airports Council International announced the recipients of its annual Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Awards for 2012.

Seol Incheon airport

Best Airport by Size: Millions of Passengers Per year:
Hohhot (2-5m), Nagoya (5-15m), Seoul Gimpo (15-25m), Seoul Incheon (25-40m),
Singapore (over 40m).

Best Airport by Region:
Cape Town (Africa), Seoul Incheon (Asia-Pacific), Moscow Sheremetyevo (Europe), Cancun (Latin-America-Caribbean), Abu Dhabi (Middle East), Indianapolis (North America).

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Ryanair to expand its fleet and destinations

Irish budget airline Ryanair has placed an order worth $ 120 billion to buy up to 200 Boeing aircraft.


The deal is Ryanair’s largest to date and one of the largest orders ever for Boeing. A welcome turnaround after all the battery problems for Boeing Dream Line in recent months. The aircraft model that Ryanair plans to buy is 737-800 and are used for short and medium-haul flights. Ryanair has 305 planes of this type already.

Holiday snaps stay in the digital world

Remember the era of handing in your roll of film to the photo-shop and then pick it up several days later to  find that most pictures where “not that good”. Well, that era is gone and will never return.

A recent study found that holidaymakers take on average 300 pictures on a week-long trip abroad, but nearly all of them stay locked in the digital world. Only 10% of those that participated in the study deemed their images to be satisfactory enough to be shared on social media sites, of those 82% posted them on Facebook.


Nearly all of the participants (97%) never print images in order to display them in photo frames or albums.

A total of 2,162 people over the age of 18 took part in the study.

Sexy pools from around the world

Hotel swimming pools have been through a few fashion trends: whirlpools, plunge pools, wading areas, swim-up bars and the apparently here-to-stay infinity pool. Sexiness in swimming pools is hard to define, but in this article you can check out some of the very sexy from around the world.

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Jungle hills and rice paddies surround the 25-metre pool at the Chedi Club outside Ubud, Bali.