HPI Indonesia

IDR = Indonesian Rupee
1 SEK = 1.000 IDR
1 IDR = 0,001 SEK


Double room in Kuta, Bali 200.000 IDR
Homestay double bed (fan, window) in Sengiggi 125.000 INDR
Homestay Kuta Lombok double bed (fan) 200.000 INDR

Bus between Sengiggi and Kuta 100.000 – 150.000 INDR
Ferry (slow) between Bali and Lombok 31.500 IND
Bemo between Lembongan and sengiggi 35.000 INDR
Rent motorscooter 40.000 – 50.000 INDR/day

Food & drinks
Pringles 18.500 IDR
Milkshake 8.000 IDR
Coca Cola (at restaurant) 6.000 IDR
Breakfast plate 35.000 INDR
Coke Can 10.000 INDR
Big bottle of water 3.500 INDR
Omelette with French Fries 35.000 INDR


Surfboard (NSP) 1 day rental 100.000 IDR
Internet Cafe 200 INDR/minute

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