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Belgian cargo container hotel

A new Belgian pop-up hotel with the racy name Sleeping Around is betting on the latter. The company has converted a number of old Chinese shipping containers into wandering boutique hotel rooms.


The mobile rooms travel as a small “village” of six containers — four sleeping containers, one breakfast/lounge container and another used as a sauna.

Currently sitting in front of a pier in Antwerp, the hotel is looking for suggestions for its next location.

Check it out here.

Ride a gastronomic tram in Brussels

Very soon, VisitBrussels will launch the ‘Tram Experience’ as a part of Brusselicious 2012. As its name suggests, ’Tram Experience’ aims to offer a gastronomic and touristic experience that is unmatched anywhere in the world. Guests will be able to enjoy several classic dishes of Belgian gastronomy, all modified for the occasion by top chefs. This tram will be rolled out in February 2012.