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World’s longest waterslide in New Zealand

The world’s longest waterslide is dug into a hillside in Waimauku near Auckland, New Zealand. Only 2000 people will have the honour of riding the waterslides, with one measuring 650 meters long built by New Zealanders Jimi Hunt and Dan Drupstee, of the “Live more Awesome” charity last weekend. The world’s longest slide was open for only two days to raise funds and awareness of depression.

Air NZ auction off those wanted seats

Air NZ OneUp programme allows passengers to bid for a cabin class upgrade on flights. Eligible for an upgrade is economy and premium economy class ticket holders who had booked directly with Air New Zealand either online, through its contact centre, or at an Air New Zealand Holidays store. If there is upgrades to be done you will receive an email inviting you to make an offer to upgrade to the next cabin class. Passengers whose offers are accepted will receive email confirmation several days prior to travel.

This is awesome!

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Top ten beaches in New Zealand

From the golden bays of Abel Tasman to the naturally heated waters of the Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand beaches pack as much sunshine and clean water as your dreams will allow.

Top ten beaches are:

1. Hot Water Beach, Coromandel Peninsula
2. Piha Beach, West Auckland
3. Karekare, West Auckland
4. Kaiteriteri Beach, Nelson
5. Whale Bay, Raglan
6. Mission Bay, Auckland
7. New Chums Beach, Coromandel Peninsula
8. Ocean Beach, Mount Maunganui
9. Wainui Beach, Gisborne
10. Ninety Mile Beach, Northland

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Video of ‘unclaimed baggage’ thrown in dump truck

A video showing baggage handlers at Christchurch Airport tossing bag after bag into a rubbish truck has created a stir. The person taking the video wrote that “unclaimed baggage” was being destroyed in full view of passengers. The video has attracted thousands of views on YouTube and comments from distraught flyers since it was uploaded. Christchurch Airport claim that the baggage was part of a test and that these bags where deemed to be not suited, hence destroyed. From a PR viewpoint its an epic fail for the Airport.

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Controversial pay-by-the-hour ‘love hotel’ opens in Auckland

The Desire Love Motel, a Brazilian inspired pay-by-the-hour facility, has opened in an industrial area in Parity Place, Hillcrest, on Auckland’s North Shore.

Owners Fred and Ana Ronnau say they have ensured the motel is as discreet as possible, with no flashing lights or images outside, but it’s a different story inside as the hotel is filled with screaming colors and glitter. The theme is romantic porn.  The Ronnaus say the motel is a safe place for “internet couples to meet, and a fun place for married couples wanting to spice up their relationship”. These love shacks are common in Japan and other countries around the world. It seems that only in former British colonial countries the sex-tabu is still an ongoing battle.

The cheapest room costs 80 dollars per hour and a extra person in the room costs another 30 dollar.

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Quake hits New Zealand killing 65 people

At least 65 people have died after a 6.3-magnitude earthquake hit Christchurch, New Zealand. The local authorities fears that the death toll could reach as high as 300. More than 120 people have so far been rescued from the ruins but there are still people trapped under buildings. Some trapped are reaching out for help using their mobile phones.

Currently there are no listings of names for dead or missing tourists as they first will have formal contact with victims families.

The New Zealand Government helpline for earthquake assistance is 0800 779997. Google has launched a people finder page and on twitter people can find loved ones or let them know they’re alright on #eqnzcontact. Also on Facebook there is a supportpage for both families, friends and victims. More information from Civil Defence is found here. People in New Zealand concerned about the wellbeing of friends and relatives in Christchurch should call 0800 REDCROSS (0800 733 276). People enquiring from outside New Zealand should call +64 7 850 2199.

The tremor caused widespread damage as it occurred at a shallow depth of 5km (3.1 miles) during lunchtime when Christchurch was at its busiest. The damage is said to be far worse than after the 7.1-magnitude quake on 4 September, which left two people seriously injured but no fatalities.

New Zealand lies at the southern end of the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire, and above an area of the Earth’s crust where the Pacific Plate converges with the Indo-Australian Plate. The country experiences more than 14,000 earthquakes a year, of which only around 20 have a magnitude in excess of 5.0. The last fatal earthquake was in 1968, when a 7.1-magnitude tremor killed three people on the South Island’s western coast.

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New Zealand a popular travel destination this year

New Zealand has experience a strong growth in tourism in the last couple of years. Positioning the country as the number one in danger sports such as Bungee jumping has delivered. This year the travel industry believes that tourism will reach an all-time-high due to two major events.

Firstly, the Rugby World Cup is taking place across New Zealand between 9th September and 23rd October. It’s estimated that between 85,000 and 100,000 Rugby fans will descend on the country as the All Blacks attempt to bounce back from their disappointment four years ago and triumph on home turf.

The second big draw on New Zealand’s event’s calendar in 2011 is the return of Sir Peter Jackson and crew to film The Hobbit. Having filmed The Lord of The Rings, in its entirety, in New Zealand, it seems Jackson has decided that a there’s no better stand-in for Middle Earth than his own homeland.

Lord of the rings