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Hash Bash strikes again

Hash Bash is an annual event held in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on the first Saturday of April at high noon on the University of Michigan Diag. A collection of speeches, live music, street vending and occasional ‘civil disobedience’ are centered on the goal of reforming federal, state, and local marijuana laws.

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Thousands of sharks attack Florida

Tens of thousands of sharks have been spotted along South Florida’s coast, closing down beaches across the area and forcing swimmers out of the water.The sharks are heading north after migrating to the south for the winter in such droves that experts believe swimmers could be within 60 feet of a shark while in the water in the Palm Beach area.

Several beaches have been closed to swimmers as red flags dot the sand.

Pocketknives on a plane

The US Transportation Security Administration will let people carry small pocketknives onto passenger planes for the first time since the September 11 terrorist attacks, along with golf clubs, hockey sticks and plastic Wiffle Ball-style bats. Passengers will also be allowed to board flights with some other items that are currently prohibited, including sticks used to play lacrosse, billiards and hockey, ski poles and as many as two golf clubs.

The good old trusty Swiss army knife will finally be able to travel in Economy.

Shake on a plane

A sky-high video of the Internet dance craze Harlem Shake that went viral on YouTube has captured the attention of US aviation officials who said on Friday they are looking into the event over safety concerns.

In the video called, “Harlem Shake Frontier Flight 157,” members of the ultimate Frisbee team from Colorado College and other passengers are shown frenetically dancing in the aisle and in front of seats last month on the packed Frontier Airlines flight from Colorado Springs to San Diego, California.

Man locked out of hotel room – naked

Guests take note: it’s not the best idea to nip outside your room – even if it’s just for a second – without wearing clothes.


One guest learnt this the hard way when he placed his room service tray outside the door only to realise he’d forgotten his key. CCTV footage shows the extremely embarrassing situation, with the man then having to walk down the hallway and past shocked fellow guests, to get to reception. Once he got to reception the clerk ask him for an ID.

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American and US Airways join forces

The boards of American Airlines owner AMR Corp and US Airways Group have approved a merger that would value the combined company at around $US11 billion ($A10.5 billion).


The deal, which will be announced early on Thursday, comes more than 14 months after the bankrupt parent of American Airlines filed for bankruptcy in November 2011, and would mark the last combination of legacy US carriers, following the Delta-Northwest and United-Continental mergers.

Burning Man 2012

Burning Man is a week-long annual event held in the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada, in the United States. The event begins on the last Monday in August, and ends on the first Monday in September, which coincides with the American Labor Day holiday. The event is described by many participants as an experiment in community, art, radical self-expression, and radical self-reliance.

More than 50.000 people attended Burning Man 2012.

American Commune

Still going strong is America’s oldest, The Farm, a piece of 1,700 acre land located in Tennessee, that at its peak in the Eighties had 1,500 members and attracted celebrity visitors like Walter Cronkite and Phil Donahue.

Now, the 175 member community, more about Eco-Friendly living than free love, is the subject of the new documentary, American Commune, in which the filmmaker-sisters who were born there reveal what is like to grow up knowing nothing of commercial beauty, meat, television, or pop culture.


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The hippie fest Burning Man 2012 in Nevada

The Burning Man project has grown from a small group of people gathering spontaneously to a community of over 48,000 people. It is impossible to truly understand the event as it is now without understanding how it has evolved, but if you want to attempt this feat then read this.

Burning Man will be held in the Black Rock Desert, 120 miles north of Reno, Nevada. The towns of Empire and Gerlach serve as guardians of the desert region. This festival of life is always held the week prior to and including Labor Day weekend. In 2012 the dates are Monday, August 27th to Monday, September 3rd.

If you are searching for that special time in your life and wish to share it with 48.000 other people then Burning Man is for you. This is truly the last hippie gathering in the world.

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Below is a live feed from Burning Man:

New seats for fat people at the expense of normal

The growing number of fat people entering taking to the sky has prompted aircraft manufacturer Airbus to design extra-wide seats for its popular A320 jets.

But it will unfairly shrink the size of ordinary economy-class seats so that each flight can still carry the same number of people. Put that hamburger down I do not want to have a smaller seat!

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Where to go this summer

The deal experts at, an inspirational travel website, revealed its Summer 2012 Where To Go Now & How Guide. Each season, the Travel-Ticker team uses its years of experience traveling the globe and hunting for great bargains to provide travelers with the inside scoop, identifying the destinations that offer the best overall experience and value.

Riviera Maya

To create the guide, the experts at examine local trends including weather, tourist traffic, entertainment options, cultural experiences and the available deals in each locale. This summer, the expert’s analysis guides us to Catalina, Riviera Maya, San Francisco, South Africa and Washington, DC.

New York’s newest tourist attraction – the camp

Most tourists visit New York to take in the normal sights like the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, the World Trade Center site and the impressive skyscrapers. But it seems another spectacle can now be added to the list – the Occupy Wall Street protest camp. It is becoming an increasingly common sight at Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan to see tourists taking photographs of themselves with protesters in the background while enjoying something of a carnival atmosphere.

If you are heading to the Big Apple then take a break at the Occupy Wall Street protest camp and listen to the views of the masses.

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Halloween costumes around the world

This dude also was a candidate for ‘Father of the Year’.

More Halloween pics from around the world:

When in Vegas do not visit this crazy place

Situated just behind the Mirage Hotel near the city’s central Strip, Las Vegas’s first ‘ultra gun lounge’ will glamourise the use of firearms. Guests will be taught how to fire weapons by ‘stunning gun girls’. Targets include people like Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi.

According to the Las Vegas Tourist & Convention Center, shooting automatic weapons is now the fourth most popular tourist pursuit in Vegas – ahead of golf.

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