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Now you can use Skype to check-in

Estonian Air is among the first airlines in the world that will offer in cooperation with Moscow Sheremetyevo airport check-in service via Skype video call. The new service is currently in the testing stage.

In addition to the new video flight check-in via Skype and traditional check-in, Estonian Air passengers are using internet check-in or check-in kiosks. Within last two years, the amount of people using internet check-in or check-in kiosk has risen twice: in 2009 only 11.5% of travellers were using the possibility, a year later the amount was 19%, and this summer already 21%.

37.5% of all passengers travelling to Estonia are using self services. The most active check-in kiosk users are in Scandinavia, were 70% of all passengers are using them.

Estonia is on a roll

Estonia continued its spectacular in incoming tourism in the first quarter of 2011, with an overall increase of 16.5% visitors from around the world.
Over 259,000 inbound tourists stayed in accommodation establishments in Estonia between 1st January and 31st March 2010, 19% more than in 2010. What activities are popular when tourists reach the shores of Estonia? Some of them are lured by the cheap alcohol and notorious nightclubs hosting attractive girls. Others go for more sober events such as Estonia’s capital Tallinn, hosting a year as a European Capital of Culture. Which one are you?